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The DreamTimeStudioZ development team has more than four decades of experience building software solutions ranging from stand-alone applications to websites that scale to thousands of users.

Our consultants have built solutions for Microsoft, IBM, Digital Research, Informix, Intuit, Apple and many other companies large and small.

Most recently we have been helping Fortune 500 companies build automated guidance solutions and launching our own line of mobile apps.
Our Team

Michael G. Lehman - Chief Geek and Managing Director
has been developing software since the days of punched cards and ASR-33 teletypes.  In the early parts of his early career he built both software and hardware including a custom microprogrammed CPU which executed the UCSD Pascal p-code hundreds of times faster than the microprocessors of the 1970's. 

As co-founder of MT MicroSYSTEMS, author of Pascal/MT+, the DRI C compiler and Director of Research and Development at Digital Research, he led the team who built one of the first integrated development environments.

After Digital Research, Michael went on to consult for Apple, IBM, Commodore and Microsoft, shipping the first product for the revolutionary Commodore Amiga and building the spreadsheet inside the first version of Microsoft Works.

Awarded numerous software patents, he pioneered automated time-tracking systems and the software that enabled the production of synchronized lyrics for CD+G karaoke discs.

With the advent of web technology and Java, he developed some of the first mobile applications for the Palm VII and early Blackberry devices as well as helped numerous dot-com companies build their large-scale distributed websites.

In the new millenium, Michael has focused on leading edge technologies which enable developers to be more productive including Software Factories, Product Line Engineering and, most recently, led the release of the Feature Builder Power Tool for Visual Studio 2010 during his time at Microsoft from 2004-2010.

In January 2011, DreamTimeStudioZ launched as his next full time venture building mobile apps and delivering developer consulting services.